What is the Transportation System Plan?

A TSP is required by the State of Oregon to help integrate our plans into the statewide transportation system. Benton County’s current TSP was last amended in 2006. This update is needed to account for changes since that time and to stay coordinated with the many regional transportation plans currently being updated.

Benton County is beginning the process to identify opportunities to improve our current transportation system and develop a fiscally realistic forecast of what it may look like through 2040. The plan will balance the needs of walking, bicycling, driving, transit and freight movement into an equitable and efficient transportation system. The TSP can also be a tool for reflecting community values and protecting what makes Benton County a great place to call home, do business, and visit.

The key objectives of this project include:

  • Developing an updated County TSP that provides for a safe, efficient, multi-modal transportation network that improves connections between communities, based on the needs of existing and planned land uses.
  • Providing separate, focused elements for the cities of Adair Village and Monroe to provide plans for their unique transportation needs.
  • Ensuring the County’s transportation system is coordinated with the regional system.
  • Developing transportation facility standards that consider the needs for all modes while reflecting the conditions and resources available.
  • Creating a prioritized list of needed transportation facilities and services considering likely future revenues.
  • Establishing consistency with applicable laws and adopted plans.
  • Ensuring adequate public participation throughout the entire project from plan development to adoption.