TSP Project Library

Reservoir Avenue

The process for updating the Transportation System Plan (TSP) has been broken down into manageable pieces. These pieces include technical memoranda discussing specific topics such as existing transportation conditions, evaluation criteria, transportation solutions, etc. In an effort to keep you informed, draft documents, meeting materials, and relevant news articles will be posted here throughout the project for your review.


The Planning Commission is meeting Tuesday January 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm (Sunset Meeting Room) to hold a hearing on the draft Transportation System Plan Update.  Look at the most recent version at the link below:

DRAFT Transportation System Plan (January 2019 version)


Proposed Project List


Documents and Reports

We will post project documents and add links here as they become available. Check back regularly for updates.

Meeting Materials

Five Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings are scheduled for the project. The SAC meetings are timed to share results and solicit critical feedback at key times in the project process. All SAC meetings are open to the public. We will post meeting summaries as they become available. Check back regularly for updates.

Public Outreach Events

Two series of Public Outreach events will be conducted to offer the public an opportunity to talk with County staff and consultants about the project, review information, and provide input. Each series will be held in three locations throughout the county. Materials presented at the public events will be posted to this website, as will event summaries, as appropriate.