STAC Members


STAC Membership

The Committee consists of nine (9) members, appointed by the Board of Commissioners, as follows:

  • All members shall reside in Benton County or shall represent an organization which provides substantial transportation services within the County;
  • Three members shall be Providers or Provider Representatives, engaged in providing transportation services;
  • Six members shall be either users, user representatives, or members at large. Consideration should be given to including at least one disabled user and at least one elderly user.

The following is a list of the current STAC membership and the interests represented, including any vacant positions:

Member Name Represented Interest
Steven Black (Chair) Representative of Transportation Users
Tim Bates (Vice-Chair) Transportation Provider (CTS)
Steve Harder Transportation Provider (Dial-a-Bus)
Axel Deninger Representative of Transportation Users
Nathan Mart Representative of Transportation Users
Robin de La Mora Representative of Transportation Users


To apply to serve as a member of the STAC, please contact the Benton County Board of Commissioners office and request an application, or click the application form below in Supporting Documents.

Benton County Board of Commissioners
4500 SW Research Way
Corvallis, OR 97333

Phone: 541-766-6800
Fax: 541-766-6893


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