Turning Yourself In

Confirm Warrant for Your Arrest In Person

If you believe you are wanted by the police, report to the Benton County Jail in person. Please do not call, we cannot give out warrant information over the phone.

During anytime, on any day of the week simply report to the jail lobby, which is off the front entrance of the Benton County Courthouse looking north (190 NW 4th, Corvallis, Oregon).

Tell staff you think you have a warrant. Staff will run a records check, and if there is a warrant, you will be taken into custody.

Reporting In to Serve a Sentence

Report on the date and time your sentence order states. Do not be late. Go to the jail lobby and tell them you are reporting for a sentence. Please bring a copy of the court paperwork telling you to report.

Items You Can Bring In

When turning yourself in, either for a warrant or to report for a sentence, please bring only those items with you that you need to conduct the business of turning yourself in or are of a medical necessity. The items you should bring include:

  • Driver's license or other government-issued picture identification
  • Cash and debit or credit cards
  • Prescription medications in their original sealed and labeled packaging
  • Reading glasses
  • Copy of the sentencing order

Please do not bring jewelry, cell phones, electronic devices, books, unnecessary clothing items, bags, pocketknives, or other nonessential or high-value items.

Wear Suitable Clothing

Please wear casual, wrinkle-resistant clothing with all unnecessary items removed from the pockets. If lodged, your clothes will be sealed in a plastic bag, which will wrinkle some clothing. Avoid wearing clothing with drawstrings and belts, and shoes with shoelaces. Deputies will remove these items for safety reasons at intake.