Sheriff's Office - Corrections Division (Jail)

Jail Captain John Devaney

Captain John DeVaney,

Division Commander

The Benton County Jail is the only jail in the county. When someone is arrested anywhere in the county – whether by Corvallis, Philomath, Albany, Oregon State University Police, or by our own Patrol Deputies – they are brought to our facility. It is the smallest jail per capita of any county in Oregon.  As a result, we must be creative in how we provide for the needs of adults in custody (AIC) while keeping our community safe.

Corrections Deputies monitor and provide direct services to the adult in custody population. They complete bookings, screen for medical and/or mental health issues, inventory and secure adult in custody property, monitor behavior, determine release eligibility, and complete release documents. Under the guidance of our jail nurse, they also administer medications and carry out AIC medical orders.

Our division is also responsible for the safe and secure transport of AICs to our contract rental beds in other counties and for the security of our historic Benton County Courthouse.

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Benton County Jail

By Oregon State law, the Sheriff's Office must maintain a county jail. Although challenged with having the smallest jail per capita in the State, Jail staff members are exceptional at providing professional service.