Mission and Programs

Community Corrections (Parole & Probation Division) Mission

We serve the community by enhancing public safety through the reformation of offenders and the reduction of criminal behavior.

Our mission is further defined by our guiding principles in which we pledge to:

  • Respect the worth and dignity of all individuals.
  • Hold clients accountable.
  • Identify risk in order to prioritize available resources and sanctions.
  • Utilize evidence-based programs and community partnerships.


To accomplish our mission, the Parole & Probation Division of the Benton County Sheriff's Office manages a variety of accountability and rehabilitative programs that include, but are not limited to those listed here. We prioritize resources and sanctions for those clients at the highest risk to re-offend. In this way we make effective use of our resources to protect the community and promote the reformation process. Read more...

Community Supervision
Cognitive Rehabilitative Programming
Drug Testing & Substance Abuse Treatment
Drug Treatment Court
Sex Offender Supervision & Treatment
Transition Services
Work Crew/Community Service

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Simulated Client Meeting
Rehabilitative programming.
Work crew.
PO teaching "Thinking for a Change" class.