Major Crime Investigations

BCSO Mobile Command Unit

When investigating crimes such as homicides, kidnappings, serial rapes, and other major felonies, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office can call out the Major Crime Team.

Multi-Agency Team

The Major Crime Team is a mutual-aid, multi-agency team of experienced investigators. Investigators on the team come from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, the Albany, Corvallis, and Philomath Police Departments, the Benton County District Attorney’s Office, and the Oregon State Police. They receive special training in major case management and advanced interrogation and interview techniques.

Mobile Command

When needed to support these efforts, the Sheriff’s Office can activate the Search and Rescue Mobile Command vehicle. This specially-designed vehicle was purchased through a federal grant from the Department of Homeland Security. It includes a generator to support a variety of electronics including a satellite dish which can provide internet and phone service to the unit. The Mobile Command unit is intentionally a smaller response vehicle equipped with 4-wheel drive to better respond in the field. It makes an excellent command post at crime scenes.