The Benton County Sheriff's Office is organized into five divisions...

Jail Captain John Devaney

The Sheriff's Office Corrections Division is responsible for the operation of the Benton County Jail, for prisoner transports to rental jail beds, and for security of the historic Benton County Courthouse.

Kevin Higgins

The Special Services Division's primary focus is Search and Rescue (SAR).

The Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Division is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the unincorporated areas of Benton County and, by contract, to the City of Adair Village. Services include patrol, investigations, animal control, and civil.

Captain Justin Carley

The Sheriff's Office Parole & Probation Division, also known as Community Corrections, is responsible for supervising adult offenders on parole, probation, and post-prison supervision who reside in Benton County, Oregon.

Personnel in Support Services provide a variety of services to Benton County residents while supporting Sheriff's Office command staff with the data and information required to efficiently and effectively operate the agency.