Contract Jail Facilities

Jail Transportation

Contract Beds and Transporting Inmates

Once Adults in Custody (AIC) complete the orientation process the inmates can be transported to any contract bed facilities in Linn County and Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility (NORCOR). With the current facility (40 beds) and the contract beds, BCSO can handle around 80 AICs.

Transporting AICs is obviously time-consuming, and it is costing Benton County one million dollars a year in just transport money.

That does not include gas and the transport deputies pay. Over the last couple of years, transport deputies have traveled an average of about 18,000 miles annually.

Although most AICs housed in the contract facilities are transported on set days during the week, there are multiple occasions where we make special transports to McMinnville, and Albany.

Rules for AICs Held in Contract Facilities

Adults in Custody held at contract facilities are under that facilities rules and regulations. It is highly encouraged to know what facility the AIC you're trying to contact is being held, for each jail facility has its own rules and regulations that must be obeyed.

Visitation in Our Contract Facilities

See the procedures for the contract facility you are visiting:

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