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The 99 Express is a commuter bus service between Corvallis and Adair Village that is provided by Benton Area Transit (BAT). The service provides 4 loops per day, Monday - Friday (except for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day). The service is free to passengers!

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99 Express Schedule

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Corvallis Downtown Transit Center (6:40am) (9:40am) (12:40pm) (5:40pm)
NW 9th & Reiman St (Northbound) 6:46am 9:46am 12:46pm 5:46pm
NW Highland Dr & Spruce Ave (Northbound) 6:51am 9:51am 12:51pm 5:51pm
NW Circle Blvd & NW Janssen St 6:53am 9:53am 12:53pm 5:53pm
NW Lewisburg Ave & Hwy 99W (Northbound) 6:59am 9:59am 12:59pm 5:59pm
SE Berg Dr & SE Weigel St 7:05am (7:07am) 10:05am (10:07am)  1:05pm (1:07pm) 6:05pm (6:07pm)
NE Arnold Ave & NE Laurel Dr 7:11am 10:11am 1:11pm 6:11pm
NE Carmen Pl & NE William R Carr Ave 7:12am 10:12am 1:12pm 6:12pm
NE Hibiscus & NE Barberry Dr 7:14am 10:14am 1:14pm 6:14pm
Adair City Hall 7:19am (7:22am) 10:19am (10:22am) 1:19pm (1:22pm) 6:19pm (6:22pm)
NW Lewisburg Ave & Hwy 99W (Southbound) 7:27am 10:27am 1:27pm 6:27pm
Circle Blvd & 9th (Southbound) 7:34am 10:34am 1:34pm 6:34pm
NW Highland Dr & Spruce Ave (Southbound) 7:36am 10:36am 1:36pm 6:36pm
NW 9th St & NW Reiman St (Southbound) 7:40am 10:40am 1:40pm 6:40pm
Corvallis Downtown Transit Center 7:43am 10:43am 1:43pm 6:43pm

(Parentheses) indicate a departure time. If no departure time is listed, bus leaves upon arrival except upon conclusion of the run.

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Service Map for 99 Express & Coast to Valley Express (version 2)

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