Independence Road Resurfacing

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Independence Road Resurfacing
Highway 20 to Camp Adair Road


Construction of Phase 2 has begun and is scheduled to be complete September 1, 2017.

Paving anticipated August 20 through September 1

Thank you for your patience during this important transportation improvement.

*****PHASE I COMPLETE. *****

Independence Road is a major thoroughfare for rural Benton County. This roadway sees a lot of construction traffic heading to the landfill. The Public Works Department has been concerned for some time about the condition of the roadway and were eagerly looking for a funding mechanism to improve the road.

An opportunity came our way in fall of 2015 and the funding was approved by the Board of Commissioners in late 2015.

The project has been split into two phases.

Resurfacing of the roadway between Highway 20 to Pettibone and between Ryals and Camp Adair Road was completed in summer 2016. 

Currently pavement is being resurfaced and widened between Metge and Ryals to include bike lanes. A double chip seal treatment will be added between Ryals and Pettibone. The widening project is anticipated to coincide with a bike path widening project on Ryals as well as Metge creating an alternative east-west system for bicycles.

Estimated Cost : $600,000 ($360,000 was spent for Phase I)

Funding : Motor Fuel Tax, Landfill Tipping Fees

Contract (for Phase I and II) : North Santiam Paving

For more information about the project, those interested can contact Engineer Associate Andrew Monaco at 541-766-6821 or by email at  

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

1. Why haven't you used property taxes to fix the road? Property taxes are not allowed to be used for roadway projects and maintenance per State Law. Motor Fuel Tax is the main tax used for fixing roads and bridges.

2. What is the Motor Fuel Tax? Many times referred to as MFT, this money comes from tax placed on gas at the gas station when you fuel your vehicle. For Benton County, a Federal and State tax is obtained. A County and City gas tax exists elsewhere in the State and other Counties, but it does not exist in our County.

3. Why not make heavy truck traffic pay for it? The trucking industry does pay heavier registration fees at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Some of these fees are also provided to local jurisdictions to pay for road maintenance.

4. How else are roads and bridges typically paid for? In addition to Motor Fuel Tax and truck registration fees, the County receives a small amount of funding from passenger car registration fees and some forest dollars (although forest dollars are only allowed on certain roads). The County can apply for MPO funds but those funds are only allowed to be used in certain urban areas on certain roads.

5. What about grants? The County applies for grants when applicable. We have received funding from TGM (Transportation Growth Management), Highway Bridge Fund, FEMA, Title II (BLM), and the one time Federal ARRA grants. STIP programs have also provided funding. The County has also made use of ODOT's revolving low interest loan program for very large projects.

Status Updates

Last Updated : September 8, 2017

- Phase 2 Paving complete

- Paving anticipated August 20 to September 1.

- Shoulder structural widening completed 

- Construction in phases summer of 2017

- Bids awarded to North Santiam Paving

- Shoulder widening was completed

- Phase II Design has begun

- Phase I complete

- Phase I Project awarded to Santiam Paving