Fairgrounds Arena Roof Replacement

Project Type:
Capital Project
Project Status: 
Benton County Fairgrounds
110 SW 53rd St.
Corvallis, OR 97333

Scope :

The proposed work generally consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, materials, and supervision for the replacement of the arena roof located at the Benton County Fairgrounds, 110 SW 53rd Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97333, in accordance with the Contract Documents. 

General Scope of Work is as follows:

1) Remove two layers (two roofs) of existing hot mopped, built-up roof system down to existing plywood sheathing.  Existing roof is not insulated; 2) Install new roofing; install new roof access ladders, catwalk, and hatch. 3) Install new tie-down anchors along the roof ridge. 4) Dispose of all materials per technical specifications.

All other elements of the existing building shall remain.

The new roofing shall be a minimum Class B, complete system that will provide Benton County with a twenty-year warranty. The membrane shall be a thermoplastic, with heat welded seams, single ply type that will include any and all fasteners, substrate boards, flashing, and required accessories for a complete system.

Anticipated cost : $188,062

Funding : CIP (capital improvement project) Funds

Contractor : Currie Contracting

Project Manager : Ben Dorr, at 541-766-6856, or Ben.Dorr@co.benton.or.us

Original Roof
Original Roof
Original Roof
During Construction
During Construction
During Construction
During Construction
During Construction
During Construction
Status Updates

Last Updated : June 19, 2017

Status :

Project completed on time and within budget even with all the rain we had this spring!

Bid was awarded to Currie Contracting