Evergreen Road Hard Surface Project

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Evergreen Road Hard Surface
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Evergreen Road
Philomath, OR

A majority of property owners have long desired to see their gravel road paved. Through the Paving Assistance Program, property owners petitioned the County to have their road paved using a combination of their own funds and County labor. The project begins at Walden Lane and will be completed westward approximately 1.0 mile.

Anticipated Cost : Approximately $350,000 (culverts and roadway)

Funding : Combination of Property Owner funds for materials, County use of Labor and Equipment. 

For more information about the project, those interested can contact Engineer Tech Owen Millehrer at 541-766-6821 or by email at owen.millehrer@co.benton.or.us

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

1. Can my community have the same thing done? Pending County schedule and budget, a petition of at least 60% support from property owners, and a willingness to pay back over time through taxes, it is possible. Contact the Public Works Director for details.

2. What designation of roads can this be done on? The Paving Assistance Program exists for County Roads only. It is not possible for City, State, private, or local access roads (public roads).

3. Why should I pay for paving...isn't it the County's job to maintain our roads? Paving is a choice. The County does not have the budget to pave gravel roads. The County's budget, mostly comprised of Motor Fuel Tax dollars (we receive no property tax), pays for general maintenance, bridge maintenance and replacement, and roadside maintenance. The County focuses on keeping our current infrastructure in good condition and cannot afford adding new infrastructure.

4. Hasn't the County paved other roads? Yes, we take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Most recently, a construction project was being completed near Tampico Road. We were able to take the grindings from the project and create a hard surface on the unpaved portion of Tampico Road.

5. What is the Gravel Surfacing and Maintenance Policy? This policy explains how we maintain gravel roads and prioritizes which ones should get paved if funds become available and if a majority (60%) of property owners desire the paving.

Status Updates

Last updated : September 8, 2017

Anticipated Schedule :

- Final surface (Chip Seal) was added in early September 2017

- August 2016 - Culvert work complete

- June 2017 - Prep work at intersection of Walden Lane and Evergreen

- Late June 2017 - Light dust control application, weather permitting

- Late August 2017 - Finish prep work 

- September 2017 - Apply double chip seal