Corvallis - Albany Bikeway

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Corvallis - Albany Bikeway
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Under Review

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Status Updates

Last Updated : September 29, 2020

09/29/20 - The County is coordinating with the Oregon Department of Transportation on design of a multi-use path parallel with Highway 20 between Conifer to Merloy.  These path improvements need to be identified so that as the State moves forward with the Highway 20 Safety Projects, the opportunity to construct the path along the alignment identified in previous outreach efforts needs to be preserved. The County has contracted with David Evans and Associates to provide design services.

10/22/18 - Project temporarily on hold since November 2017

9/8/17 - County sent various letters to various property owners throughout the summer to seek contact information for future discussions

9/8/17 - Engineer preparing preliminary design by end of September

6/12/17 - Phase 3 Kickoff Meeting occurred.

6/6/17 - Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 in favor of moving to and completing Phase 3.

5/16/17 - Consultant Team presented stakeholder committee recommendation to Board of Commissioners. They will vote on this on June 6, 2017.

4/26/17 - Stakeholder Meeting #4 occurred. Recommended rural route to TSP. Recommended Highway 20 route to Phase 3.

4/5/17 - Community Open House occurred.

3/22/17 - Stakeholder Meeting #3 occurred. Narrowed choices to two options plus two hybrids.

3/8/17 - Technical Committee #1 meeting occurred. Recommended two options.

3/1/17 - Project team field visited all 3 options.

2/22/17 - Stakeholder Meeting #2 occurred. Group narrowed routes to 3 options.

1/25/17 - Stakeholder Meeting #1 occurred. Group discussed criteria to evaluate possible bikeway location.

1/3/17 - County Board approves proceeding to Phase 2.

12/14/16 - Route Options Maps added to website

12/12/16 - Community Event at Waldorf School on 12/13/16 from 5:30-7:00.

Late Fall 2016 - Scenario Analysis to begin

7/25/16 - Many interviews have been completed

7/5/16 - A list of questions and interviews has been established. Interviews will begin soon.

6/7/16 - Barney and Worth will be contacting various parties to learn about the possible connection of a bikeway between Corvallis and Albany. This work will begin in early summer and be completed in fall. It will consist of minor research and numerous interviews.

Thank you for your patience as the County continues to move forward.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please contact Gary Stockhoff via email at Gary.Stockhoff@Co.Benton.OR.US or by phone at 541-766-6821.