Special Management Areas

What are SMAs?

Benton County's Prairie Species Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) protects five rare plant species and two rare butterfly species.  Some populations of these plants occur on county roadsides.  These areas are delineated as Special Management Areas, or SMAs.

Does the County Manage SMAs Differently Than Other Roadsides?

Yes!  Especially Type 1 SMAs, which have larger numbers of rare plants.  In general, the county avoids working in these area during the growing season (Mar 1-Aug 15).  It also follows HCP guidelines for mowing, controlling noxious weeds, and for cutting, thinning or removing woody vegetation.  Soil disturbance is avoided to the maximum extent possible during road maintenance activities.

Two government agencies ensure that SMAs are managed according to the HCP.  The provisions of the HCP are enforceable by US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA).

What If There Is An SMA Near My Property?


  • Park any vehicle in the SMA
  • Mow within the SMA
  • Apply chemicals within the SMA
  • Pick flowers growing within the SMA


  • Refrain from conducting any activities within the SMA from Mar 1 to Aug 15
  • Call Benton County Public Works with any questions or concerns about maintenance activities within the SMA

Species Covered by the HCP


  • Kincaid's lupine
  • Willamette daisy
  • Bradshaw's lomatium
  • Nelson's checkermallow
  • Peacock larkspur


  • Fender's blue butterfly
  • Taylor's checkerspot butterfly

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