Road Surface Treatment Plan--Historical and Proposed

The Road Department has been following a Pavement Maintenance Strategy to address issues on all our roads and ensure that all are served, by improving locations with recognized problems, and applying surface treatments (chip seals) to prolong the life of the roads.  The county has been able to reduce the deterioration of paved roads through timely pavement treatment.  The cost and benefit of these treatments varies greatly, depending on the condition of any particular road.  The right treatment at the right time has saved the county thousands of dollars in high cost repairs.  For example, the application of a chip seal costs about $2.34/ft2.  Deep basing, or removing and replacing the old asphalt, costs about $50.11/ft2.  Following the Pavement Maintenance Strategy, the attached 5-year chip seal plan was developed to help the County maximize maintenance dollars.  Also attached is a map showing the roads that have been chipped seal in recent years.  For details, see the attached document.