RFQ - Benton County Health Center Renovation


Notice is hereby given that Benton County, Oregon is seeking Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from qualified General Construction (GC) firms for the renovation of the Health Services Building (Project).  The Project is located at the Benton County Health Department, 530 NW 27th Street in Corvallis. 

The RFQ is the initial step in the selection process to retain a GC to perform the renovation.  Responses will be reviewed, scored, and ranked according to the criteria defined in this solicitation document. 


Information may be obtained from Benton County Public Works representatives:

Chris Bielenberg, Project Manager                     Debie Wyne, Contracts Manager

Phone: 541-766-6015 Cell: 541-740-5168          Phone: 541-766-6009  Cell: 541-602-0945

E-mail: Chris.E.Bielenberg@co.benton.or.us     e-mail: Debie.S.Wyne@co.benton.or.us


NOTICE TO PLANHOLDERS:  Please be aware these plans & specifications are not final bidding documents.  These are only 90% plans and specs to provide a sense of scope of work for General Contractors to use in the preparation of the Request for Qualifications.  They are not intended to be final bid documents which will be completed and presented to the successful generals that are invited to bid on the project.

Will there be a site visit?  At this time we have chosen not to schedule a walkthrough of the facility prior to the RFQ responses.  It was our intent to give sufficient background of the project and scope of work so that perspective General Contractors knew the size, complexity, and type of work that would be performed.  We also included access to current 90% drawings and certainly we have no issues with generals that would like to drive by and look at the site.   Our main focus at this stage is getting detailed information about your firm’s qualifications for performing the work, which is why we are asking very specific questions on your firm’s abilities, the team’s expertise, previous work on similar projects, etc.  If we are missing some information that you feel is critical for you to provide this information, let me know as we will consider addendum documents or other feedback.