Placing Grindings on a Roadway

For many years Benton County Public Works has recycled construction materials from our roadways, as well as other sources like ODOT and the City of Corvallis, to add structure to existing roadways or as base materials for new and resurfaced roads. Crushed concrete, asphalt grindings, and crushed aggregate are processed and used in place of more expensive Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete. While there is a trade-off in the running surface being slightly rougher than what could be achieved using fresh asphalt, this process is sustainable and results in significant economic savings for the public. Below is a photo gallery of the process the County uses to build a roadway using a combination of grindings and surface treatment.

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Roadway prior to grinding placement
Grinding a roadway prior to an overlay creates grindings which can be applied to another roadway.
The grindings are spread evenly across the road surface and compacted into place.
After the grindings are placed the road is chipsealed to cap the grindings.
A final fogseal protects the roadway from water penetration to help lengthen the life of the roadway.
Road markings are applied and the new roadway is complete