Pavement Maintenance Strategy

The Road Maintenance Division maintains 280 miles of paved roads.  The purpose of this program is to delay pavement distress, maintain acceptable pavement conditions, reduce ponding on road surfaces, and eliminate abrupt edges along the road shoulders in order to promote a safe driving surface.  Also included is the collection of data used to produce the pavement index utilized in the Pavement Maintenance Strategy. 

The Pavement Maintenance Strategy has been developed to help us spend our maintenance dollars in the most cost effective ways. Performing targeted preventative and corrective maintenance at the right time, on the right roads, allows the County to keep our roads at a higher standard with less financial investment.  The goal of this strategy is to transfer dollars from high cost repairs like deep base and leveling or total replacement to the more cost effective surface maintenance treatments, such as chip seals.  The attached document explains in greater detail the strategy utilized by Benton County.