Noxious Weed Identification

Benton County Noxious Weed Identification

This chart will help you identify noxious weeds that may be on your property or in your neighborhood. 

In the event you find these weeds along the roadway, please call our office at (541) 766-6821, and ask for a Service Request to spray them. Please be specific in reporting the location. 

Noxious weeds and invasive species can sometimes be the same thing, but not always:

  • A noxious weed (or ‘nuisance plant’) is a plant growing where it isn’t wanted. They can be native or introduced.
  • An invasive plant is a plant species that is introduced to the area and, if uncontrolled, has the ability to become overpopulated and alter habitats or the environment.

If you would like further information on invasive plant species found in Benton County, please see the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District Invasive Plants Database.


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Euphorbia oblongata
Nymphoides peltata