Where does Benton Area Transit provide service?
Benton Area Transit provides fixed-route transit between Corvallis and Adair Village (99 Express) and between Newport, Corvallis and Albany (Coast to Valley Express). Additionally, Benton Area Transit provides demand-response service throughout Benton County for seniors and those with disabilities who are eligible. You can see the services that we provide by clicking Here

What are the Fares for Benton Area Transit's services?
Benton Area Transit operates multiple routes and services and fares vary depending on the service. Click on the following services to see how much they cost:

Do I qualify for Special Transportation Services?
The Special Transportation Fund (STF) service provides wheelchair accessible, demand-response transportation for Benton County residents who have applied through Benton Area Transit and are deemed eligible based on service criteria. Application instructions and service criteria can be found by clicking Here!


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