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What is BAT Special Transportation Services?

Benton Area Transit (BAT) provides wheelchair-accessible, demand-response transportation for eligible individuals within the Benton County community. You may be eligible for our service if you are within Benton County with at least one of the following:

  • You are outside of the Corvallis/Philomath area and have a disability and limited transportation options (information confirming details from a caseworker, primary healthcare provider, and/or a rehabilitation officer may be required);
  • 65 years of age or older;

If you live within the Corvallis/Philomath area and have a disability that prevents you from using public transportation, you may also apply for ADA paratransit through BAT. For more information on ADA paratransit, please visit Corvallis Transit System's website.

If you are seeking either BAT or ADA paratransit service, please follow the steps below to begin the application process:


Step 1. Apply for Eligibility!

Individuals must be certified by BAT or CTS staff in order to use BAT Special Transportation Services or ADA Paratransit. To apply for BAT or ADA paratransit program eligibility, please use the application form at the bottom of this page (BAT_CTS_Joint Eligibility Application) and return it to the Benton Area Transit / Corvallis Transit System Eligibility Office, at:

Public Works: BAT / CTS Eligibility
Attn:  Brad Dillingham, Transportation Coordinator
PO Box 1083
Corvallis, OR 97339-1083
Phone: 541-766-6318
Fax: 541-766-6920

If you have further questions regarding this process, feel free to call our Eligibility Line at 541-766-6318.


Step 2. Request a Ride!

Once approved, you may request a ride from our contractor. Service Requests are made by calling Benton Area Transit at 541-752-2615 during business hours between 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

You may request a ride 1 – 7 days in advance. Requests for Saturday and Sunday rides must be made between Monday and Friday. Rides are provided first-come, first-served, on a reservation, shared-ride basis.  Exact addresses, appointment times and pick up times are needed to make a reservation.

ADA service hours within Corvallis and Philomath city limits reflect the service hours of Corvallis Transit System and Philomath Connection fixed-route services. 

Please review our ridership policies, which are the rules for our service, by clicking Here


Fixed-Route Bus Option

Fixed-route services are an excellent, encouraged option for those who are located near bus stops and for those that are not eligible for Special Transportation Services. Benton Area Transit, Corvallis Transit System (CTS), and Albany Transit System (ATS) buses are wheelchair accessible. CTS buses have a feature that allows the bus to kneel, making it easier for passengers to board and exit the vehicle. To learn how to use the bus, call Corvallis Transit System at 541-766-6998; Benton Area Transit at 541-766-2111; and Albany Transit System at 541-917-7667. Or visit their respective websites through the following links:


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