Alsea County Service District Committee

The Alsea County Service District Advisory and Budget Committee assists the Benton County Board of Commissioners on issues related to the Alsea Area.


The Alsea County Service District Advisory and Budget Committee shall assist the Benton County Board of Commissioners/Governing Body and shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Establish rate procedures
  • Provide penalties
  • Amend in entirety all ordinances in conflict
  • Review the Alsea Consumer Confidence Report

Meeting Times and Locations

The Budget Committee Meets annually in late spring.  Public notices will be advertised in the local newspapers.  Notices will also be included in the appropriate utility billing.

The Advisory Committee meetings are set at the pleasure of the Advisory Committee members and County staff.

Meeting locations:

  • Alsea School, 541-487-4305
  • Alsea Public Library, 541-487-5061

Members and Staff Support

Both Committees are comprised of 3 members, each with a 3 year term, and 4 staff support.  Following is a list of the current members:

Budget and Advisory Committee members:

  • Vacant
  • Cheryl VanLeuven
  • Ryan Jacobsen

Staff Support:

  • Gary Stockhoff, Public Works Director
  • Jon Tompkins, Operator
  • Marilee Hoppner, Finance Manager
  • Matti Butler, Recorder

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