2022 Stormwater Implementation Group (SWIG)

A red umbrella against the blurry backdrop of a rainy street


What is SWIG?

In April 2022, Benton County Public Works held the first meeting of the public Stormwater Implementation Group. This group was convened to involve Benton County residents in the implementation of new DEQ permit guidelines that include construction and post-construction stormwater management.

Stormwater Implementation Plan - 2020

Who makes up SWIG?

Interested stakeholders include contractors, developers, road districts, and citizens at large. Group meetings will continue through fall 2022 and members will contribute input regarding how the County meets site runoff measures and works with developers to monitor erosion and sediment control plans before, during and after construction events.

Who can I contact with questions about SWIG?

Sheanna Steingass, Environmental Project Coordinator
541-766-6293 | Sheanna.Steingass@co.benton.or.us

Gordon Kurtz, Associate Engineer
541-766-6006 | Gordon.P.Kurtz@co.benton.or.us