Public Works Contact Information

The information below includes contact information for the Benton County Public Works Department.

The Public Works Department shares administrative staff with Benton County Community Development and the Natural Areas and Parks Department. Walk-in and phone service is facilitated by a shared front desk reception staff.


Mailing Address
Benton County Public Works
360 SW Avery Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97333

Office Location
Benton County Public Works
360 SW Avery Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97333

Phone: 541-766-6821
Fax: 541-766-6891
Service request: 541-766-6821

Public Transportation Location and Mailing Address

Lisa Scherf, Transit Manager
PO Box 1083
Corvallis Public Works Offices
1245 NE 3rd Street
Corvallis, OR 97330

Phone: 541-754-1759

Office Hours

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed on holidays



Contact Position Phone Email
Andrew Monaco Engineering Associate 541-766-6821
B.J. Haley Road Maintenance Lead 541-766-6821
Bernie Altenbach Eng/Survey Technician II 541-766-6821
Beverly Scott Custodial Service Worker 541-766-6821
Bill Nelson Senior Mechanic 541-766-6821
Bob Carnes Building Maintenance Technician 2 541-766-6821
Chris Baillie Sign Shop Foreman - Sign and Traffic Markings 541-766-6821
Daniel Faas Eng/Survey Technician I 541-766-6821
Dave MacKenzie Working Foreman - Fleet 541-766-6821
Dave Malone Land Surveyor 541-766-6821
Dave Michaels Mechanic 2 541-766-6821
David Ravert Building Maintenance Technician 1 541-766-6521
Debie Wyne Manager of Admin Services 541-766-6009
Erik Remington Road Maintenance Lead 541-766-6821
Frances Bacon Custodial Service Worker 541-766-6821
Gary Calvery Road Maintenance Worker 3 541-766-6821
George Looney Finance Manager 541-766-6204
Gordon Kurtz Engineering Associate 541-766-6821
Greg Mahler Mechanic 2 541-766-6821
Harriett Hales Custodial Service Worker 541-766-6821
Jesse Skaggs Building Maintenance Technician 2 541-766-6718
Jim Stouder Road Maintenance Manager 541-766-6017
Joe Mardis County Surveyor 541-766-6285
Joe Van Horn Senior Mechanic 541-766-6821
Joe Whitlock Road Maintenance Worker 3 541-766-6821
Jon Tompkins Building Maintenance Technician 2 541-766-6857
Joyce Galloway Office Specialist II 541-766-6821
Kasey Olsen Road Maintenance Worker - Apprentice 541-766-6821
Kathy Goss Office Specialist II 541-766-6821
Keith Nicolson Fleet Manager 541-766-6617
Kirk Morgan Road Maintenance Worker 3 541-766-6821
Laurel Byer Engineering/Surveyor Program Manager 541-766-6013
Laurie Starha AIC - Facilities and Utilities Manager 541-766-6821
Lonnie T. Wheeler Road Maintenance Worker 3 541-766-6821
Mark Nasby Road Maintenance Worker 3 541-766-6821
Matt Hertel Building Maintenance Technician Lead 541-766-6856
Owen Millehrer Engineer Associate 541-766-6821
Pete Neuman Road Maintenance Worker 3 541-766-6821
Randi Hamlet Business Specialist II 541-766-6821
Roy McClain Corrections Work Crew Supervisor 541-766-6821
Steve Blanton Working Foreman - Surface Maintenance 541-766-6821
Tally Buckovic Business Specialist II 541-766-6821
Vacant Public Works Director 541-766-6010
vacant Facilities Manager 541-766-6821
vacant Civil Engineer 541-766-6821
vacant GIS Eng Technician 541-766-6821
Vacant Mechanic I 541-766-6821
Walter Duckworth Mechanic 2 541-766-6821