Learn How To Be Prepared

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Are you ready? In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, do you know how to respond? Do you have the supplies needed to care for yourself and your family?

If every family takes action to prepare for emergencies, we can build a more resilient community. That's why one of our key goals is to provide information to help you prepare for the natural and manmade disasters you may encounter.

Community Seminars

Each year emergency service planners from Benton County and the City of Corvallis partner to offer free public seminars on ways you can prepare.  Topics include how to prepare for flooding, fire, earthquakes and more.  Watch this space for details on seminars planned for 2019!


Lots of information is available to help guide you as you prepare yourself and your family for an emergency. But sorting through it all can be challenging. We've collected a few of our favorite resources and have posted them below.

Our best advice? If necessary, start small, start slow, but just start. Whatever level of preparedness you achieve today is more than you had yesterday!


A great way to learn more about being prepared for a disaster is to become a trained Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member. Read more.

For More Information

For more information, contact the Emergency Services Planners from Benton County or the City of Corvallis: