Land Use Forms & Fees


Due to COVID-19 concerns, we are available by appointment only and can accept applications by email, mail and office drop off. Please read below for how to submit applications.

Below are the most commonly requested application forms. If you do not see the form you need, please contact the Planning Division, 541-766-6819.

Submitting an Application: (Please note: if you are filing out your form online use Internet Explorer for the signature option, then print to PDF)

Due to COVID-19 safety measures please read the following for our new permit submittal protocol. Prior to visiting our office please call 541-766-6819 or email

1.  Locate the appropriate land use application form below. They are available for viewing as PDFs and can be filled out on your computer. You must use Internet Explorer for the digital signature option to work. We are able to accept digital esignatures in addition to the original signed document. Print the document to PDF, rather than saving as a PDF, to ensure capture of filled information and signature.

2.  Fill out the application form and be sure to include the required attachments. All property owners must sign the application form either through e-signature or provide us with the original signed document. We cannot accept scans or copies of the original signature page at this time.

3.  Email the complete application packet to Or, mail the application to our office ATTN: Planning Division, 360 SW Avery Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333.

4.  A planner will review your application and be in contact with any missing items or, if complete, to take in payment. A check may also be included with a mailed packet or mailed separately once the application has been accepted for submittal.

With an appointment, submitting an application in person at the office is still available.

Fee Schedule

For exact Planning and Land Use Application Fees, please contact the Planning Division, 541-766-6819. To get a ball park of the fees, please reference our 2022 fee schedule (effective Jan 1, 2022).  

General Applications

  • SETBACKS TABLE for EFU, FC, RR, and UR zoning districts

Dwelling and Medical Hardship Applications

Development in the Floodplain


A land division is considered a partition if less than four properties are being created each year. There are multiple applications for partitions depending on the size, zoning and minimum parcel size or density of the parent property. 

Property Line Adjustments, Tax Lot Creation and Subdivisions

Create a Tax Lot/Deed Release - Creates a new tax lot, not a new parcel. Typically done for construction financing.

Property Line Adjustment - to adjust the property lines between two properties. Additional application forms are required when more than two properties will be adjusted. These applications can be reviewed concurrently, if applied for on the same day.

Subdivision - for creating 4 or more properties in a year. 

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