Development Code

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Table of Contents
Overview Documents

Amendments to the Development Code (PDF)

Chapter 50 - Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Administrative Provisions

Chapter 51 - Development Code Administration (PDF)
(Title, scope, private land use restrictions, transition to the Development Code, definitions, designated primary zones, overlay zones, official zoning map, the Planning Official, Citizens Advisory Committees, Planning Commission, application and fees, notice requirements, appeals, reconsideration of decision before LUBA on appeal, remand hearings)
Chapter 52 - Deleted [Ord 99-0147]
Chapter 53 - General Review Criteria and Procedures (PDF)
Permitted uses, conditional uses, nonconforming uses, variances, zone change, text amendment.
Chapter 54 - Reserved for Expansion

Resource Zones

Chapter 55 - Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) (PDF)
Chapter 56 - Multi-Purpose Agriculture (MPA) (PDF)
Chapter 57 - Floodplain Agriculture (FPA) (PDF)
Chapter 58 - Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 59 - Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 60 - Forest Conservation (FC) (PDF)
Chapter 61 - Open Space (OS) (PDF)
Chapter 62 - Reserved for Expansion

Non-Resource Zones

Chapter 63 - Rural Residential (RR) (PDF)
Chapter 64 - Urban Residential (UR) (PDF)
Chapter 65 - Philomath Residential (PR-1,2,3) (PDF)
Chapter 66 - Village Residential (VR) (PDF)
Chapter 67 - Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 68 - Urban Commercial (C) (PDF)
Chapter 69 - Philomath General Commercial (PC-2) (PDF)
Chapter 70 - Rural Commercial (RC) (PDF)
Chapter 71 - Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 72 - Urban Industrial (UI) (PDF)
Chapter 73 - Philomath Industrial (PLI/PHI) (PDF)
Chapter 74 - Rural Industrial (RI) (PDF)
Chapter 75 - Village Commercial (VC) (PDF)
Chapter 76 - Agricultural Industrial (AI) (PDF)
Chapter 77 - Landfill Site (LS) (PDF)
Chapter 78 - Public (P) (PDF)
Chapter 79 - Rural Service Center (RSC) (PDF)
Chapter 80 - Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 81 - Special Use (SU) (PDF)

Overlay Zones

Chapter 82 - Deleted [Ord 97-0131]
Chapter 83 - Floodplain Management Overlay (/FP) (PDF)
Chapter 84 - Greenway Management Overlay (/GM) (PDF)
Chapter 85 - Flexible Industrial Overlay (/FI) (PDF)
Chapter 86 - Airport Overlay (/A) (PDF)
Chapter 87 - Goal 5 Resources (PDF)
Chapter 88 - Natural Features Overlay in the Corvallis Urban Fringe (PDF)

Special Use Regulations

Chapter 89 - Historic Preservation (PDF)
(Administration, historic resources commission, Benton County Register of Historic Resources, exterior alteration and demolition of a structure on the county register, special uses allowed for register properties, land partitions; property line adjustments)
Chapter 90 - Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 91 - Specific Use Standards (PDF)
(Accessory dwelling units, care centers, cemeteries, home occupations, junkyards, kennels, manufactured dwellings, mobile home or manufactured dwelling parks, parking and loading, sewer services, signs, surface mining)
Chapter 92 - Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 93 - Reserved for Expansion

Land Development Standards

Chapter 94 - Property Line Adjustments (PDF)
Chapter 95 - Partitions (PDF)
Chapter 96 - Reserved for Expansion
Chapter 97 - Subdivisions (PDF)
Chapter 98 - Planned Unit Development (PDF)
Chapter 99 - General Development Standards (PDF)
(Sensitive land, parcel and lot design, frontage, roads and driveways, fire protection, sewage disposal, water supply, improvements agreement, Rural, Urban, and Secondary Road Sections)
Chapter 100 - Planned Unit Development in Corvallis Urban Fringe (PDF)