Prairie Conservation Strategy

Jackson-Frazier Natural Area

The Framework of the Plan

The Benton County Prairie Conservation Strategy was developed to educate citizens and land managers about at-risk habitat and species in Benton County, and to provide voluntary long-term strategies for conservation on both public and private lands.

The Strategy identifies prairie habitats and habitat attributes important to Benton County’s at-risk prairie species and identifies areas in the County where habitat enhancement and reintroductions would provide the most benefit to these species. In addition, the Strategy outlines how to apply the USFWS Recovery Plan for Prairie Species to threatened and endangered prairie species in Benton County and addresses habitat needs for local prairie species identified in the Oregon Conservation Strategy.

The Prairie Conservation Strategy is:

  • A framework for voluntary prairie conservation activities in Benton County
  • Non-regulatory and non-binding
  • An appendix of the Benton County Prairie Species Habitat Conservation Plan