North Albany Park


Park Description

Outstanding group picnicking facilities in a beautiful oak grove make this a popular park for group picnics. It features seating for 160 picnickers, electric cook tops and large group barbecues.

Check the Reservations Page for information about reserving this facility.

For the North Albany Park Natural Area and Park Master Plan Process, click here.

Reservation Information

North Albany Park has a covered group picnicking shelter, seating for 160, ADA accessible restrooms, overflow parking, a softball field, sand volleyball court, playground and horseshoe pits. The kitchen shelter has a sink, electric cook top stove and outlets, service counters and BBQs.

Reservation Cancellations

Cancellations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.  If a Cancellation is made within 14 days of the scheduled event, you are subject to forefiture of 100% of your reservation fees paid.  We do not give credit or refunds due to discomfort of nautre or weather related events.  


The park has limited parking, we encourage you to carpool when possible. The park has 25 spaces, 1 ADA space, and 30 additional spaces in the overflow parking area. Please limit all vehicles to these areas. After removing the barrier post, please lock the padlock back on the eyebolt to prevent its loss. Before leaving, replace and re-lock the barrier post.


See the Group Grill Section for details.

Cook Tops

Controls for the commercial grade electric cook top stoves are found behind a locked door. A key for unlocking the access door should be obtained from the Parks Office by 5:00pm the day before or the Friday before your event if it's scheduled for a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday. Please conserve electricity and make sure both timer and controls are turned off before re-locking the access door.

Electrical Outlets and Sinks

A duplex outlet is located on each side of the kitchen shelter center wall. One deep, double sink with self-closing faucets is located in the kitchen shelter. Please do not put food scraps or grease in the sink.

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