Crystal Lake Cemetery

Sunrise at Crystal Lake Cemetery


The land for the Crystal Lake Cemetery was deeded to Corvallis Masonic Lodge #14 in 1860. Before the Willamette River was tamed by dams, a meander on the east side of the cemetery formed a small lake; which most likely inspired the name Crystal Lake Cemetery, and it was officially adopted by the Lodge on January 20, 1866.  Cemetery operations and management were transferred to Benton County in 2001.

A walk through the Cemetery will reveal some of the most prominent of names known to Benton County, Oregon State University and Corvallis; Joseph Avery, General Thomas Jones Thorp and Benjamin Lee Arnold, just to name a few.


The Benton County Natural Areas & Parks Department manage the Cemetery and we are currently selling burial plots and Columbarium Niches.  

Contact our Cemetery Manager; Leanna Buck at 541-766-6025 for more information.


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The Columbarium
The Columbarium