The Juvenile Department provides a continuum of prevention, supervision and rehabilitation services to youth and families with the goals of protecting the community, holding youth accountable for their actions, and helping youth develop competency.

County unrestricted funds support the Director, six Juvenile Counselors, one Operations Manager, and two clerical staff. The Health and Safety Levy supports one Juvenile Counselor and two Juvenile Outreach Specialists.

The Department is organized into four programs under the supervision of the Director.

The Youth Offender Program

The Youth Offender Program consists of six Juvenile Counselors who handle the majority of Juvenile Department referrals. They provide a continuum of services to a general caseload with the goal of community protection and practical rehabilitation.

The Intensive Supervision Program

The Intensive Supervision Program is funded by the Oregon Youth Authority. One Juvenile Counselor provides a high level of services and supervision to serious and chronic youth offenders who are at risk of commitment to a Youth Correctional Facility. The aim of this program is to keep these youth out of the state institutions.

The Accountability Program

The Accountability Program is primarily funded with state Juvenile Crime Prevention funds and focuses on holding youth accountable for their actions. A variety of community service and work crew sites provide opportunities for youth to pay back the community and gain job skills and experience. State funding provides for the Community Service Coordinator. A combination of county and state funds and cooperative agreements with the Benton County Public Works and Natural Areas and Parks Departments fund the Work Crew Coordinator position.

The Teen Court Program

The Teen Court program is a voluntary alternative to the conventional juvenile process. Cases handled are minor first-time misdemeanors and status offenses. Offenders appear before a jury of their peers who decide what their consequences will be. The Teen Court program aims to holds youths accountable for their actions and provide resolution for victims.