Juvenile Department - Emancipation


This section covers emancipation laws as they apply to Benton County residents.

The Benton County Juvenile Department will assist you in this process. Contact a Juvenile Court Counselor at 4185 SW Research Way Suite 100, Corvallis, OR, 541-757-6810 to discuss your particular situation.

The Law

  • Under certain circumstances the Juvenile Court may grant emancipation status to a child. Although each case is evaluated individually, there are several basic requirements.
  • You must be age 16 or older
  • The legal residence of your custodial parent must be in Benton County
  • If you are under the jurisdiction of a Juvenile Court, your legal residence is considered to be in that county
  • You must pay the filing fee set by the Court

If Emancipated

  • You will be recognized as an adult for purposes of contracting and conveying, establishing a residence, suing and being sued
  • If you violate the law, you will be treated as an adult
  • Your parents will no longer be responsible for you
  • Emancipation does not affect any age qualification for purchasing or possessing tobacco or alcoholic liquor, the age requirement for obtaining a marriage license, or your status as a minor under ORS 109.510

In determining eligibility for emancipation, the Court considers:

  • Whether your parent(s) consent to the emancipation
  • Whether you have been living away from home, are able to maintain and support yourself without parental guidance and supervision
  • Whether you are sufficiently mature and knowledgeable to manage your affairs without parental assistance