Juvenile Community Service/Work Crew

Work Crew

Work Crew provides a more closely supervised work environment. It is another way in which youth can take responsibility for their actions. A youth may receive a Work Crew assignment in several ways:

  • The youth has been identified by the Juvenile Department as not appropriate for the Community Service program
  • The youth has failed to successfully complete a Community Service assignment
  • Work Crew has been Court ordered

Work Crews are composed of no more than six youths and one supervisor. The tasks are varied but generally consist of outdoor, labor-intensive work. Youth assigned to Work Crew are expected to follow all conditions of Work Crew as set by the Juvenile Department or they will be in violation of their probation. Any failure to comply will result in an immediate dismissal from Work Crew. Further sanctions will be determined by their Juvenile Counselor or the Court.

The Community Service and Work Crew programs are beneficial to both the youth and the community. Youth learn that they are responsible for their actions when they have to work as a consequence of those actions. The community and non-profit organizations benefit from the hundreds of hours of community service that are served annually.