Client Accountability

It is the policy of the Juvenile Court and Juvenile Department that juveniles be accountable for restitution for personal or property damages resulting from a law violation.


Restitution may be ordered by the Court as a condition of probation or may be part of a Formal Accountability Agreement with the juvenile and his parents.

It is the duty of the Counselor to review the Crime Victim Statement with the parent and youth, or to contact the victim if no statement is received.

It is the duty of the District Attorney's Office to send out the Victim Impact Statement forms to the victims listed in the police reports in all matters in which a petition is filed and to forward them to the Juvenile Department when received.

The victim is entitled to notice of hearing on the juvenile matter and other information as defined by statute (ORS419A.255).

The Juvenile Counselor is responsible for monitoring the youth's compliance with restitution requirements under the Formal Accountability Agreement or the Formal Probation.