Point and Pay

As part of our commitment to provide patients with efficient, convenient service, Benton County has partnered with Point and Pay© to offer payment of Medical and Mental Health payments over the Internet or by telephone.


About Point and Pay


Point and Pay is not a branch, office or department of Benton County Government. Point and Pay is a third party vendor, operating as a Service Bureau on behalf of Benton County. Any information submitted online or by telephone to Point and Pay (i.e., personal data, credit card account information, tax account information, county fees, fines, etc.) is processed solely by Point and Pay.

The paying party needs to know the exact amount of the payment, including taxes, penalties, and fees and convey that amount to Point and Pay.  Any errors or discrepancies in the information submitted to Point and Pay will be the account holder's responsibility.

Benton County Health Services will not transfer any information to Point and Pay regarding payments or personal account information. Benton County Health Services cannot verify a transaction was completed or accurate until payment has been received from Point and Pay.

Benton County Health Services reserves the right to alter or discontinue the use of Point and Pay as a payment transaction service at any time and without prior warning.

More information is available regarding online payments, convenience fees, and telephone payments