Health Status Report 2012

Benton County Health Status Report


The first edition of the web-based Benton County Health Status Report was made available in April 2010. Shortly after the report was made available, Benton County Public Health assessed readability and usability of the report. Benton County conducted a focus group, key informant interviews and an online survey with community members, as well as consulted with health literacy experts, to gather feedback on readability, data utilization, content, web-design, and data presentation. The website is currently undergoing structural changes to address the issues that arose from the usability assessment and the report is being updated with new data following health literacy guidelines.

The web-based Health Status Report was developed in response to the need for current county level health data. The purpose of this report is to describe the county's health. It is also intended to facilitate community involvement and cross discipline coordination in addressing public health issues through data-driven decisions and evidence-based practices. This report is a compilation of secondary and primary health indicator data for Benton County. It compares Benton County health indicator data, Oregon health indicator data, and Healthy People targets. The report includes charts and tables, a narrative section that introduces the topic, interprets the data, and provides a prevention message where applicable, and data sources.

The Health Status Report is intended to be an ongoing work in progress, not a single cross-sectional glimpse. Information will be updated on a continuing basis as data becomes available.

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