Health Services – Contracts

The Contracts & Budget division contains department support services. This division is responsible for policies, procedures, and the functional duties of contracting as follows:


  • Write/review/finalize all contracts – BCHS handles the preparation and processing of all BCHS contracts in conjunction with county counsel. Maintains historical records for all BCHS contracts. Ensures proper approval is obtained and only responsible signers enter into contracts. Restricts operational activities until contract is fully executed. Provides limited risk analysis of each contract.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, & local contract and procurement law
  • Manage renewals – Contracts are monitored and renewed as needed. Requests for Proposals and bids are prepared when necessary for the renewal.
  • Provide technical support for management staff – Serve as the subject matter expert for all BCHS contract issues. Serves as the liaison for BCHS to county counsel
  • Prepare bids and requests for proposals as needed – Facilitates the bid and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes.

Requests for Proposals

Title Proposal Documents Issue Date Closing Date Status
RFP#1921-09 Covid-19 Laboratory Testing Services


5/26/2020 6/8/2020 closed