Examples from Other Communities

A row of cream-colored leather recliner chairs separated by cream-colored divider walls with an olive green wall in the back.

The following facilities are designed with similar intent to what the Benton County Crisis Center hopes to offer. While not exact representations, these programs have served as guides in design planning:

Benton County Behavioral Health leaders, along with representatives from Gerding Builders and Mahlum Architects, traveled across the state to tour existing crisis centers. The team met with leaders and staff involved with those enters to discuss challenges and opportunities in order to plan effectively for the Benton County Crisis Center.

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Cream-colored leather waiting room chairs and a small table with an olive green wall
An olive green room with wood floors contains 2 brown leather chairs and a big blue beanbag chair.
A softly lit off-white hall with brown carpet features multiple doors to rooms and is decorated with client artwork.
A tan building with brown bricks looks home-like and features plants native to Central Oregon.
A cream-colored wall with soft lighting contains a row of colorful canvases featuring artwork done by clients.