Design Planning

A screencap of a Zoom meeting shows members from the Benton County Crisis Center Design Committee during a meeting.

Caption: The Design Committee meets to discuss the look and feel of the future Benton County Crisis Center.

Design Planning Committee:

Benton County Behavioral Health formed a design committee to help inform the design process by providing a crystal clear understanding of the unique needs of Benton County residents and what can be accomplished with the new crisis center.

The committee consisted of health department staff and mental health professionals as well as community partners and stakeholders, including representatives from:

  • Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
  • Intercommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization
  • Pathfinder Clubhouse
  • Corvallis Daytime Drop-In Center
  • Strengthening Rural Families
  • Oregon State University Counseling & Psychological Service
  • Benton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Corvallis Police Department
  • Mahlum Architects
  • Gerding Builders

In the design planning process, the architect team presented concepts to the design committee members who ask questions, provide insight, and help refine the vision for the final design. The committee participated in journey-mapping exercises that put them in the shoes of someone seeking crisis services to guide the process and flow of services once the center is up and running.

Another activity, called visual listening, gave the committee an opportunity to authentically react to different designs, in order to help define the look and feel of the building.

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The Design Committee discusses accommodations for persons living with disabilities.
A screencap of a Zoom meeting shows the design committee meeting to discuss Crisis Center values.