Coordinated Homeless Response Office

Benton County, the City of Corvallis, and Community Services Consortium (CSC) are part of a pilot program sponsored by Oregon State House Bill 4123 to support a coordinated response to homelessness. The three agencies, along with housing and homeless service providers, have been working together since prior to the pilot program to lay the groundwork for coordinated homeless response. The pilot program includes funding and resources to support and grow existing homelessness response operations.


The Coordinated Office creates a framework to provide cross-sector operational coordination to support countywide efforts and support cities and service providers with the ultimate goal to sustain housing in every community.


Everyone in Benton County should have the opportunity to live in decent, safe, and affordable housing.


Coordinated Homeless Response Office Structure

The Coordinated Homeless Response structure:

The structure of Benton County Coordinated Homeless Response includes:

  • The Intergovernmental Council - representatives from the elected bodies and leaders of the three agencies
  • The Home, Opportunity, Planning, and Equity (HOPE) Advisory Board - representatives from key stakeholders and community members who develop policy recommendations, provide feedback on strategic planning, and provide outreach and engagement with the community.
  • The Coordinated Office - staff from the 3 agencies to facilitate and coordinate with local nonprofit service providers to implement the strategic plan in alignment with recommendations from the HOPE Advisory Board
Community Progress Timeline - March 2023

Facilitation & Coordination to support community progress: