Community Outreach, Inc. (COI): Gift of Caring - Amanda

Eight years ago, Amanda came to COI after an interaction with law enforcement. She was using at the time and recovering from the sudden loss of her beloved life partner. Amanda was injured in the interaction and spent time at the ER and intensive care units with life-threatening bullet wounds. She takes full responsibility for the interaction and recognizes that it put her on the path to healing and learning to thrive at COI.

A case manager from COI visited Amanda in the hospital. She says, “If Ty hadn’t been the one that came to my hospital room, I probably wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t be alive.”

Amanda connected with COI’s case manager because he related to her and met her where she was. At COI, she recovered, got sober, connected with a service animal, and found stable housing.

“With everything that COI has done for me including aftercare, I’m going back to college to learn to be a peer support specialist. I have my own apartment, I have the most amazing service animal, my life is good, I have the coping skills. It’s been the best thing that has ever happened.” ​


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