Forms, Permits, and Applications

Title Attachments
Application for Reassessment of Destroyed or Damaged Property ORS 308.146(6)
Application for Reduction of Maximum Assessed Value of Demolished or Removed Buildings (ORS 308.146(8)
Application for Square Footage Error Correction
Application for Suppressed Owner
Board of Property Tax Appeals Forms
Business Personal Property
Exclusive Farm-Use Zone
Exemptions and Deferrals
Farmland Forms
Forestland Forms
Gross Income Questionnaire
Magistrate Appeal Form
Mailing Address Change Form
Manufactured Dwelling Forms
Non-Exclusive Farm Use Application
Other Appeal Forms
Other Property Tax Forms
Personal Property Petition
Petition to Assessor for Waiver of Late Filing Penalty (Available to first-time filers in Oregon only)
Proration of Property Taxes Due to Property Damage/Destruction by Fire or Act of God
Real Property Petition
Real Property Tax Return
Request for Change of Ownership by Way of an Unrecorded Document
Request for Disqualification from Special Assessment
Request to Combine Property Accounts Application fee $125
Sales Questionnaire
Wildlife Habitat Conservation and Management