Benton County Finance & Tax - Online Payment Fees

Online Payment Option

Making Online Property Tax Payments

Have the following information ready before you pay:

  • Name on property statement
  • Credit card, debit card, or checking account information
  • Property tax account number (located in the upper left corner of your tax statement)
  • Payment amount

When you have the information ready, choose to make your payment either by credit card or electronic check. When you make your selection, you will be transferred from Benton County's website to the Benton County property tax payment page on the Point & Pay© website

Make a Payment
Credit Card Debit Card Electronic Check By Phone:


Important Notes Regarding Payment Amount

  1. You must enter the correct amount that appears on your tax bill. Not paying the correct amount will result in loss of any applicable discounts for timely payments.
  2. Point and Pay charges a convenience fee for payment processing (no portion of this fee is retained by Benton County Government).
Credit and Debit Card Transactions Visa Debit Card Transactions Electronic Check Transactions
2.5% charge, based on transaction amount (minimum of $3.95) $3.95 charge per transaction

$2.00 charge for transactions less than $10,000

$10.00 charge for transactions $10,000 or greater


Additional Account Information

If you need your account number or the balance due on your property tax accounts, please contact the Benton County Tax Office at 541-766-6808.
If you would like to view your online tax statement, visit the Benton County Assessment Department property tax search page.
If you have questions regarding property value, contact the Benton County Assessor at 541-766-6855.