Political Signs

Political signs are an important part of election campaigns, but laws regarding when and where they can be placed can differ within the state, the county, and the cities. So, before you begin to put up political signs, be sure you understand the rules for all types of roadways.

State of Oregon | Benton County | City of Adair Village | City of AlbanyCity of Corvallis | City of Monroe | City of Philomath

State of Oregon

Refer to Oregon Administrative Rule 734-060-0175 or call ODOT at 541-757-4211.

Benton County

Under Oregon law (ORS 368.942) it is illegal to post any sign on a public right of way outside of a city. It has been the longstanding policy of Benton County to remove political signs which are placed in the public right of way. If it appears to any road supervisor or authorized public works employee to be obvious that the sign is in the public right of way, the sign will be immediately removed, returned to the County Shop, and be available for candidates or PACS to retrieve within seven (7) days after the completion of the election. After that time the signs will be destroyed.

For more information call Benton County Roads Shop at 541-766-6821.

City of Adair Village

Permitted Residential Sign Standards: One non-illuminated temporary sign not exceeding 6 square feet in area for real estate purposes, garage or personal property sales, or political advertisement.

For more information call City of Adair Village at 541-745-5507.

City of Albany

Visit City of Albany website or call City of Albany at 541-917-7550.

City of Corvallis

Visit City of Corvallis website or call City of Corvallis at 541-766-6901.

City of Monroe

For more information call City of Monroe at 541-847-5175.

City of Philomath

Visit City of Philomath website or call City of Philomath at 541-929-6148.