Public Notice:  Due to the Declared Emergency related to the COVID-19 Pandemic; Please, do NOT come to this office in-person unless absolutely necessary. If you do need to be here in-person, call in advance to make an appointment for authorization to enter the building. Passport applications will NOT be accepted and passport photos will NOT be taken from April 13, 2020 through May 25, 2020. If you need a passport immediately, please visit or call them at 1-877-487-2778.

NOTE: Acceptance of U.S. Passport Applications and Passport Photos will resume on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Please continue to visit this web page for additional instructions as we approach that date. We apologize for any inconvenience this might create and ask for patience and understanding. Thank you.

Notice: The Elections and Passports Office will be closed Monday, May 25, 2020, Memorial Day.


Passport applications are accepted at the Benton County Clerk's Elections & Passports Office.

Passport Forms

To apply for a U.S. passport for the first time or to renew a passport by mail forms are available at the US Department of State website or at this office. Forms should be filled out carefully in black ink only, completing all required information before coming in. It takes about 15 minutes to execute one passport application. Therefore families or groups should arrive early enough to have everyone's application executed no later than 4:00 p.m.

Costs & Forms of Payment

The cost of obtaining passports is the same regardless of where you apply. See passport fees at the US Department of State website. Passport photos can be taken in this office for $10.00.

Be sure to bring your checkbook. One check must be written for each passport application, and one for any execution fees and photos. Personal checks, money orders, bank drafts, or cashier's checks drawn on a US bank are acceptable for each application. Cash, credit cards, debit cards and temporary checks are not acceptable forms of payment to the US Department of State.

What to Bring

A completed, but unsigned passport application, certified birth certificate, and current driver's license will be enough for many applications. Oregon IDs, Provisional Licenses and out of state drivers' licenses will need additional identifications. Additional documentation will always be needed for children, or citizens born outside of the USA. Children 15 years old and under must have both parents appear with them when applying.

Important Travel Information and Links

For current information on travel, foreign visas and entry requirements, downloadable passport applications forms, requirements and fees, visit the U.S. Department of State at

If you are traveling within 14 days or need a foreign visa within 4 weeks, you need to schedule an appointment with the Seattle Passport Agency.

Below are other quick links to the U.S. Department of State Passport Services