May 21, 2019 Special Election Measures

City of Corvallis

2-123 City Livability Services Local Option Levy

5.110  Judicial Review of Ballot Titles and Explanatory Statements.
Within seven (7) business days after the ballot title and explanatory statements are received by the Benton County Office of Elections under subsection (1) or (2) of BCC 5.105, any elector dissatisfied with the ballot title or explanatory statement may petition the Oregon State Circuit Court of Benton County for review of the title or statement, and shall set forth the reasons why the title or statement does not conform to the requirements of BCC Chapter 5 or other applicable law. If the court finds that the ballot title or explanatory statement complies with the requirements of BCC Chapter 5 and other applicable law, it shall enter an appropriate order to that effect.  If the court determines that the ballot title or explanatory statement does not comply with the requirements of BCC Chapter 5 or other applicable law, the court shall prepare an alternative ballot title or explanatory  statement.  The title or  statement so prepared shall replace that of the County Counsel for purposes of BCC Chapter 5. The order of the Circuit Court shall not be appealable. [Ord. 17, adopted March 8, 1978; Ord. 85-0002]

Country Estates Road District

2-122 Five Year Local Option Tax Levy for Operations