Disposal Site Advisory Committee

Disposal Site Advisory Committee

There is a SWAC & DSAC Joint Work Session scheduled for October 26th, 2022 fro 6:00pm-7:00pm.  For more information, click here.


For information on the Benton County Solid Waste Assessment Final Report by Oregon Consensus, please click here


To view the last DSAC meeting on July 27th, click here.

Community members may provide verbal comment during the "Community Member Comment" section of the meeting. You can also send in a written comment by 5pm on October 24th and that information will be sent to the committee prior to the meeting.

The Disposal Site Advisory Committee (DSAC) assists the Benton County Board of Commissioners in the planning and implementation of disposal site management, including the following: 1) review with the permittee the regional disposal site's siting, operation, closure, and long-range monitoring of the site; 2) provide a forum for citizen comments, questions and concerns about the regional disposal site and promote a dialog between the community and the owner or operator of the site; and 3) prepare an annual written report summarizing the local citizens' concerns and the manner in which the owner or operator is addressing those concerns.

This committee meets quarterly, and works in conjunction with the Solid Waste Advisory Council


Participation on county boards and commissions involves citizens directly in local government in an impactful way and provides the Board of Commissioners with timely input on important issues. Members of Benton County's various advisory boards and committees are unpaid volunteers who devote numerous hours of their time to these community activities. In all there are 26 advisory boards, commissions and committees and members may serve up to two consecutive terms. Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners to fill vacancies, which have set terms.

For more information about Benton County advisory boards and committees or the application process can contact Teresa Farley at 541-766-6890, or by email.

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Disposal Site Advisory Committee Members:

Chuck Gilbert Begin: 01/01/21 Expire: 12/31/23 (Partial Term)
Deborah Gile Begin 01.01.19    Expire 12.31.24
Ken Eklund, Chair Begin 01.01.22   Expire 12.31.24
John McEvoy Begin 01.01.19    Expire 12.31.23
Marge Popp Begin 01.01.21  Expire 12.31.23  (Partial Term)
Joel Geier Begin 01.01.21  Expire 12.31.23  (Partial Term)
Mark Yeager, Vice Chair Begin: 01/01/20 Expire: 12/31/22 (Partial Term)
Ian McNab Designated Permitee - Republic Services (Coffin Butte Landfill)