Courthouse Preservation Committee

Photo of Front of Courthouse


The Courthouse Preservation Committee meets to advise and assist the Benton County Board of Commissioners to preserve the historical integrity of the Benton County Courthouse. The purpose being to maintain its significant character in perpetuity.  The committee is also charged with guiding county personnel in preserving the building's historical artifacts and maintaining the grounds to compliment the courthouse.

Meeting Time and Location

The Committee meets the third Thursday of each month at 4:45 p.m.

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Committee meetings have been canceled until January 2022

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of 7 to 8 members with unlimited terms, and 6 staff supporters.


  • Judy Juntunen, Chair
  • Scott McClure
  • Peter Barnhisel
  • Nancy Hoffman
  • P. Daniel Read
  • Jill VanBuren

Staff Support

  • Paul Wallsinger, Facilities Manager
  • Levon Atwood, Facilities
  • James Morales, Records and Elections Director
  • John Haroldson, District Attorney
  • Cathy Williams, Recorder

Sponsor Department

The sponsoring department of the committee is Benton County Public Works. You can also view their online content.

You may submit comments, questions or a request using the Public Works Online Request Form.

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