Volunteering with Vaccine Distribution Efforts

Updated 01/24/2022




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  • ​​If you are signed up to volunteer at a vaccination clinic and are unable to attend due to illness, weather, or other circumstances:
  • Please do not self-deploy to any vaccine events. Benton County will contact you with requests for assistance and instructions on deploying


Volunteer Positions

Clinic Volunteer Positions
Position Description
Parking Lot Attendant Gives guidance at the parking entrance to incoming clients. Answers questions regarding direction and client flow into and out of the clinic. May hand out documents as needed.
Vaccination Flagger This person will be responsible for assigning community members to a vaccination station.
Entry/Greeter/Line Management/Accessibility

Gives guidance to patients on the next steps in the process after entering or exiting the clinic. Assist patients in maintaining physical distancing and may distribute forms, health education materials, and interpretation forms if needed. 

Offers accessibility assistance. May involve close and/or hands on contact with patients. Assistance may include providing walkers or wheelchairs, assist patients in and out of wheelchairs or chairs and push wheelchairs. If you are not physically able to perform these duties or are not comfortable being within 6 feet of and/or touching a patient, please do not sign up for this position.

Safety & Sanitation Responsible for sanitizing high touch areas and ensuring COVID-19 safety protocols are followed.
Documenter May assist at intake, registration, or vaccination station completing various forms. Requires clear hand writing and attention to detail.
Observer Observes patients in the Observation area, provides water and/or sick bag if needed, and connects them with medical staff when requested. May assist with second dose appointment scheduling and/or provide information to patients.
Vaccine Runner

Responsible for transporting vaccine from the pharmacy to the vaccination stations. 

Dependent on clinic set up, may be responsible for transporting VAR paperwork to designated area/staff.

Hospitality Supplies and stocks the volunteer break area, manages sign-in and sign-out of volunteers, and gives general guidance on placement of volunteers.


Key Information for Volunteers

Volunteers should note the following information as they prepare for their upcoming shift:

  • Volunteers will have access to:
    • Restrooms
    • Designated break space
    • Light snacks
    • Various supplies to complete their duties
  • Please bring enough food and water for your shift.
    • There will not be access to a refrigerator or microwave.
  • Remember to dress for the weather and setting.
  • Please bring an appropriate face mask.
  • Remember that you will be asked to stay six (6) feet apart from others if possible. Some settings and/or positions may not allow for physical distancing.
  • You will be required to adhere to all COVID-19 Safety Guidelines
  • If you are feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms of illness, please stay home.
  • All volunteers will receive "Just in Time Training" before they start their shift.
  • All volunteers are asked to be flexible.  You may be asked to perform another role once onsite.
  • Some volunteers may be asked to physically assist a patient.  Please click here for information and safety considerations.